How do PI firms reduce admin costs by 20%?

The Challenge:

Admin is a business killer – particularly in the investigations industry. It’s a necessary evil that we all must deal with. Compliance, SLAs, reporting needs, paper signoffs, filing, reviews, requests for information, etc, all destroy chunks of your profit.

As your business grows, client complexity increases, this inevitably leads to the admin overhead eating more of your bottom line as you react by adding layers of people and steps to cover off these requirements.

It’s great practice as a PI firm to regularly review and improve your methods and operations but these attempts are often thwarted by un-integrated and old information technology, lots of little subsystems in spreadsheets, email accounts and files. All you can do is add to more of the same.

“You get into a history of doing something and though the original reason for doing it has long disappeared, you continue to do it because you have always done it” Mark McCormack on Managing

The solution:

Our whole-of-business solution will streamline the whole process of running a case. The fancy term for this is ‘business process re-engineering’. For us, it’s a by-product of our software, our installation and our training. Our industry experts (both Al Steel and Rick Shepherd have 25+ years of experience in the Investigations industry) provide unique insights into how to take your business to the next level using our industry best-of-breed software solution PiMS.

In all of our 34 clients to date, this streamlining reduces several steps and saves significant administration time. The software itself is full of productivity features, for example – we provide click-of-the-button retrieval for case reports, client updates, invoices, requests for information. Pretty much anything you can type in a word processor, we can automate. You are going to love the savings.

So the two step plan for dropping 20% of your admin costs is:
- Get the most capable software you can use for this industry (that would be PiMS)
- Get Industry veterans to implement and train you to take best advantage of it’s productivity savings. (this comes standard in our rollout plan).

The Proof:

Don’t take this from us, listen to Patrick Carroll, CEO of Horsemen Inc. a significant player in the West Coast. He will tell you how in the first year of PiMS operation, we enabled him to re-purpose 4 individuals on his team (about 8% of his team). That’s a lot of efficiency that’s produced a workforce for other parts of his operation. His client’s are also reaping the benefits of these changes and Horsemen are rewarded in kind with a bigger share of the market.


Certainly it’s made a huge difference as far as what we were doing.. you certainly don’t ever want to sit down and say an individual’s obsolete but we’ve been able to take individuals who’s job descriptions were based on our old method and that’s freed them up to do other things now. So I would say from a stand point of, “has it decreased..?” I’d say it’s probably 20, 25% decrease in the amount of administration costs we’ve seen as far as the number of people required to do our old system as opposed to now. Patrick Carroll, CEO of Horsemen Inc.

Our product and our rollout method are proven in the field to deliver real savings to small to large PI firms just like yours. 20-25% efficiency frees up your people’s time to accomplish other missions and needs such as closing more business, talking to clients to understand their challenges, improving quality of report, scheduling better. Your business cannot help but benefit from this freed up resource.

What can you do about it?

Talk to Rick, our President of US Operations. Before he joined Polonious, Rick was a senior executive at a nationwide Private Investigation firm. His ability to understand your business quickly will provide you with list of hard and soft savings this unique product provides. Rick’s number is 561.515.6040.

Alternatively, fill out our contact form, and we’ll be in touch: