Investigation Management ‘Unplugged’ ‘Offline’ ‘Remote’

Polonious Investigation Management Systems has released an offline version that allows investigators to sync case data to their laptops and then work on their files remotely when disconnected from the internet.

Once they are back in range they can simply sync their case updates and documents with their Polonious Investigation Management System.

All data is fully encrypted and only accessible via the application.

If you are a Polonious user information on this feature is available on our user group.

If you are not a member please join us.

email: support @ poloniouslive . com

About the Author
Alastair has more than 29 years of experience in the law enforcement and the investigation industry and has guided the rollout of the Polonious Investigation Management System to over 50 organizations across the globe. Our customers have varied business processes and requirements from large insurance carriers with hundreds of investigators and adjusters to small forensic teams. Each now has a customized solution to meet their needs.

Alastair Steel, Dip.Crim. is the co-founder of Polonious.
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