Long term ROI of Investigation Management…

For investigation managers, it’s essential you are always reviewing your unit’s capability with a view to optimize throughput whilst minimising cost.

Polonious provides many Return On Investment (ROI) savings to our customers. Some of these are realized immediately, others take longer to achieve but all are part of the unique, consistent and thorough roadmap to great returns for any investigation unit or Investigation company.

Central to our roadmap is our Situation, Action, Metric model and defining our clients investigation management processes and reporting requirements in the Polonius system. During that time we identify processes that can be improved, automated or are redundant and can be removed. We focus on obvious constraints (bottlenecks) that the organization is facing and how we can negate those restraints moving forward.

These show the immediate benefits of a business process based investigation management system to our customers, that can be seen and measured within the first 3 months of use. Typically they realize a full ROI within 12 months.

That is only the beginning.

What we have noticed is that improvement is a long term journey and as our customers come to understand how to define business processes better and are able to better measure their performance during the stages of that business process they can more clearly identify constraints and refine those processes.

Improvement does not end after the initial adoption. That is just the start of an ongoing process of improvement.

With new tools at their disposal to better measure not only the process as a whole but the individual sub processes or stages of the process our customers start to identify more constraints in their organization.

Focus is then moved to the constraints and those processes are improved.

A recent review of our customers shows us that not only is there is a ROI in the first 12 months, much more impressive is the company’s position after 24 months. Improvement has become part of the organizations cadence.

One of the most interesting statistics we discovered was ‘current workload’.

One particular customer carried 900 current investigations on the day they went live. Thats 900 files where you need to manage internal staff, external clients, budgets etc. After 24 months that customer has not only increased their number of cases they receive from clients they have halved the number that are currently open.

That’s more than 450 less files to manage day to day.

If you are a PI Firm thats also 450 invoices out the door that were once sitting in the office. This significantly reduces the working capital tied up in a PI Firm, if the example above is used and we say the average case is invoiced at $1,000 then there would be $450,000 less invested in the working capital of the business. That’s number of files x Av. Invoice = Reduced working capital.

For an SIU Customer we reduced the total investigation time of claims from 40 days to 20 days for genuine claims. This significantly reduced the ‘current workload’ and dramatically improved relations with the claims department. That in turn led to an increased referral rate and ultimately greater savings being achieved by the SIU.

Delivering our customers the tools to define, manage and measure business processes enables them to improve their own business.

We are always looking to augment that ability with improved functionality such as the recent drag and drop scheduling feature where with one action a user can;
* Allocate an investigator
* Edit event details (start, duration, notes, lock etc)
* Automatically generate an email to the investigator
* Add that event to the investigators schedule

Although each of these steps only removes minutes or seconds of administration time they are core to increasing your investigative productivity and reducing your administrative burden.

For PI Firms this a savings to their bottom line as administration is rarely 100% billable.

For investigation units this frees up valuable investigative resources to investigate.

Polonious is always working with our customers to improve our investigation management systems.

About the Author

Alastair has more than 28 years of experience in the law enforcement and the investigation industry and has guided the rollout of the Polonious Investigation Management System to over 50 organizations across the globe. Our customers have varied business processes and requirements from large insurance carriers with hundreds of investigators and adjusters to small forensic teams. Each now has a customized solution to meet their needs.

Alastair Steel, Dip.Crim. is the co-founder of Polonious.
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