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Situation – Action – Metrics

Engaging with our clients:
When we engage with our clients we review their current investigation methodology, resource management, evidence management and reporting requirements.   Once our clients processes are understood we map them using the SAM methodology.

In the Polonious Investigation Management System (PIMS) situation is represented in a number of ways.

* Status – The stage that the investigation is currently up to.  Customized for each customer to reflect their business process.

* Timeliness – When is the next action due, last action taken, completion date and escalations based on action and non action.

* Priority – Which tasks should be addresses first.

* Resources / Budget / Effort – What resources have been engaged to date or are required, costs incurred assets engaged including managers, administrators, specialists.

In PIMS most of the users interactions with the investigation are via log entries that reflect the actions that are being taken by the participants. These actions can cause a change in situation, record metrics and upload investigation product such as documents, video, images, audio recordings, etc.   Actions can be linked to other actions, a lack of action or set time periods.

In PIMS the metrics are recorded with most actions that are taken.  Metrics can encompass hours taken, expenses, investigation features or reporting metrics required for end of month, quarter or year reporting.  Metrics can also be linked directly to case data or attributes relating to evidence, people or organizations.

SAM Engaged – Situation – Action – Metrics:

Situational awareness is key not only to understanding what is going on but more importantly what the next, best, action is.  The greater your situational awareness is, the better the quality of the information, the more timely the information, the better that decision will be.  With Polonious Investigation Management Systems (PIMS) you ensure all participants have the best possible situational awareness.

Action is then key, with the right information at hand the correct actions are more easily identified.  With PIMS actions can be limited by the current situation to assist participants with their decision and we can prompt them to action if appropriate.

Once action is taken it is critical to collect all relevant information about that action, collect any investigation product, record details of any new participants, organizations or assets identified and record any exhibits collected to ensure that your situational awareness is enhanced.

About the Author
Alastair Steel, Dip.Crim. is the General Manager || Product & Sales for
Polonious Investigation Management Systems and has more than 28 years of experience in the
law enforcement and the investigation industry.

Alastair has guided the rollout of the Polonious Investigation Management System
to over 50 organizations across the globe with varied business processes and requirements from
large insurance carriers with hundreds of investigators and adjusters to small forensic teams. Each now has a customized solution to meet their needs.

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Want to know more:
Contact Rick Shepherd, CFE the president of Polonious Investigation Management Systems.  Rick specializes in working with clients to incorporate technology into their business and improve their work processes.  Rick has been able to help firms implement solutions that improve their results, save money, deliver faster, and improve internal and external client relationships.  You can contact Rick at 888-650-POLO(7656) or via email rick@investigation-management.com.

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