Saves Time – With Polonious, progress can be tracked in real time and findings can be analyzed and reported on in real time in a range of formats to suit internal personal or collaborating agencies.  Once logged in, the user’s view of the world is dependent on many factors including their role in the investigation.  This may include collaborating agencies (i.e.: Other Local, County, State or Federal Agency). This interface is completely user definable.

Via the dashboard users immediately get their view of their investigations with statuses and key dates identified. Users in the field can update investigation information directly with any device that can access the Internet.


Division Commanders can access the newly updated data at the press of a button and share it with internal personal or collaborating agencies.

Leadership in the department stays aware of the progress of their investigations either by automated messaging or by logging in.

The hub of the system is the shared log book. All the users have the ability to make log entries of varying types and see appropriate entries in the system.

  • Force Multiplier – Do more with less
  • Secure collaborative working environment
  • Force Multiplier – Do more with less
  • Pervasive search and data mining text and documents
  • Advanced UI – accessible via iPad, iPhone or Android
  • Ease of Navigation
  • Quick decision making
  • Low Training Overheads
  • Email and SMS directly form the UI
  • Email case updates from the field directly to cases / tasks including attachments (documents, video, images, recordings etc.)
  • Detailed Access Controls for configurable security
  • Case level, team level and organization level security
  • Full audit trail, down to the data field level
  • Seamless link with Predictive Modeling and Intelligence
  • Third party systems can create tasks via web services
  • Collected data can be shared with intelligence applications such as Notebook Analyst form i2
  • Integrated Case Management, Workflow and Intelligence
  • Integrated mapping

What Our Clients Say

Jarrod BowditchVerifact
“...We are continually endorsing Polonious through our own marketing...and demonstrations...every time we pitch a customer we demonstrate our case management solution VIMS (PCMS)…”
Ed CarpenterHorsemen
“...The technology has improved our level of service to our clients and enables us to run a more efficient and monitored business...”
“I’m in the Polonious system all the time.  It’s given me insight into our operations in ways that I did not have before.”

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